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Jae Broderick

I make words twerk.


I am a writer, director, composer, actress, dancer, dramaturg,

tennis lover (vamos Rafa!), avid traveler and motivational speaker born in 

St. Catherine, Jamaica.

For me, theater is the greatest art form and

purest reflection of the human experience.

I believe in magical realism and that our 

greatest beauty lives in the ordinary.

My work centers the lives of women and marginalized persons 
outside of time and in defiance of dominant narratives

I value irreverence.
I think we need it.

My artist adventures have taken me from pantomimes in the Caribbean

to stages in Chicago, screens in Los Angeles and finally to New York City

where I discovered a passion for directing and stumbled into the

musical theater world.

In the midst of it all, I became an Advance Associate for the Obama White House,

an experience which allowed me to travel America and the world,
watching history unfold in real time.


The illuminating lessons from the sum of these experiences
inspired me to write my first book, DeConstructing Criticism,
and speak to people both within and outside of the art world about its lessons.

Through it all, I am still creating.
And still learning.

Thank you for stopping by.

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