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Book & Lyrics by Jae Broderick

Music by Matthew AC Cohen & Jae Broderick

When you fall in love, you will remember…


FORA is the forgotten language of the island nation of Forafu and its story is told in this brand new musical.  Lost over the course of many generations and rumored to hold the key to Forafu’s past and future, Fora can no longer be learned, only remembered by falling in love. We meet Forafu in the time of its Great Migration. The island is losing its citizens and traditions to the harsh realities of a changing world and no family is untouched. As Gigi meets Sola and falls in love for the first time, she is forced to reconcile her joy with this truth: the fate of their nation rests on the choice between unraveling the mysteries of the past or succumbing to the struggles of the present.

FORA was selected to the New York Musical Festival, is the recipient of a residency at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and winner of the 2024 Pipeline Arts Foundation grant.


TPilot - One Hour Dramedy

The first rule of Advance? Don't get on the news. 


Rae Morrison is an aimless writer drifting through her 20’s when she is suddenly pulled into the high stakes world of Advance. Not a White House employee and not NOT a White House employee, she finds herself fumbling through Secret Service meetings, casually given off-the-record intel and coming face to face with the President of the United States. When Rae breaks the first rule of Advance mere hours into her training, she must choose between returning to a life of blank pages or daring to write a new story. 


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by Jae Broderick

Illustrations by Axel McFarlane

DeConstructing Criticism is the story of Alex, a gifted creative who has trouble receiving criticism. Each illustrated chapter covers a different angle of the creative process as Alex prepares for a presentation, giving the reader useful tools for filtering feedback and creating their best work. 




Jenny & June is a musical based on the true story of June & Jennifer Gibbons and tells the story of their struggle to be heard. The Twins, raised in Wales to parents from Barbados, were a mystery for much of their lives and famously spoke only to each other. However, the sisters lived amazing inner lives and were incredible artists, writers who placed words not on their lips but on the page.  

Jenny & June is being developed in the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop, was a 2023 Eugene O'Neill semifinalist and the recipient of a residency at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.

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Feature Film

Fashion, language and genius collide in this tale of diasporic unity. When a po', slo' field negro discovers a glitch in the system, slaves of various tribes band together to ensure Massa gets f*cked as they plot their escape from the plantation. 


Stage Play

Bishop is a small town pastor trying, one more time, to achieve his American dream by opening Mount Vernon’s very first Jamaican restaurant.


The Jerk Pit Stop Spot is an overnight success but when an ICE agent takes an interest in Bishop's immigrant congregation, the struggles of these unseen laborers - stuck in a strange land and unable to return home - begin to echo stories from Mount Vernon’s past.

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TV Pilot - One Hour Drama

Before there were ships, before there were tribes, before there was one god, there was Sheba. 


Queendom is the story of the world’s last remaining matriarchy and the women fighting to keep its legacy alive. When the Queen Mother dreams a prophecy about Jerusalem, she must decide which of her three daughters will be the next, and possibly last, Queen of Sheba. 


A Few Good Years

A Novel

Grey Limbo
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