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Knock KnockMusic by Dylan MarcAurele
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Music by Dylan MarcAurele.

Vocals: Katie Emerson, Nakiya Peterkin, Patrice Bell, Kim Onah, Sam Balzac

The Setup: Matt and Nick are drivers for Fedex. It is Nick's first day. Matt is teaching him the ropes.

Originally conceived as a writing assignment in the BMI Workshop, "Knock Knock" is a certified crowd pleaser and was twice featured in the BMI Industry Showcase. 

Take A KneeMusic by Simone Allen
00:00 / 02:32

Music by Simone Allen.

Vocals by Andre McRae

The Setup: In a reverie, Willy Loman reflects on his life, his relationship with his son and makes a decision about the future.

This song was written for BMI's famous "Death of A Salesman" assignment - a notorious rite of passage for writers in the program. Our interpretation was controversial - but Simone and I love it.

kk katie.JPG

Music by Matthew AC Cohen.

We wrote "Coojele" during our O'Neill residency and a day later they provided us with a choir full of NTI students to bring this song to life. Jason Weisinger taught the song then jumped on keys, Matt Cohen got on the djembe, Patrice Bell and Nakiya Peterkin stepped up like pros and I just watched the whole thing lol. This was our first and only take. Hands down my favorite memory of our time there.  Coojele is a real word I discovered in my Fora research. It means "where have you been this long time?"

There's a war in your heart

you don't know who you are

and it tears you apart

dare to speak and understand

that the answers you seek

are found in the land

For centuries we waited

feeling a void

as the boats took our people

and our hope was destroyed

so we sounded the drums

hoping you'd hear our call


And we'd finally be together

one and all

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