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FORA-The Musical - transparent.png

Book & Lyrics by Jae Broderick

Music by Matthew AC Cohen & Jae Broderick

on the other side of customs

there's a land of opportunity

your brother and your sister

cannot wait to meet you

all you have to do is

tell this little lie...

FORA is the forgotten language of the island nation of Forafu and its story is told in this brand new musical. Infused with heartfelt tunes and catchy rhythms, this vibrant tale of a soulful people, rich in ancestry and lost magic from another time encompasses love, family, history and country. We meet Forafu in the time of its Great Migration. The island is losing its citizens and traditions to the harsh realities of a changing world. Told through the eyes of 17-year old Gigi, the fate of a nation rests on the choice between unraveling the mysteries of the past or succumbing to the struggles of the present.

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